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Danielle joins us today to celebrate the launch of her NEW BOOK!  It’s The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul.


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The book brings you:

  • · Galactic teachings and practices to raise your vibrational energy and create a life of joy, abundance, and ease
  • · Provides direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council of Light to activate the 11 Rays of Light
  • · Reveals that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want
  • · Includes guided journeys and exercises to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and purpose and to form a direct connection with the Council of Light

0Through her advanced spiritual work with Thoth, Danielle was introduced to the Council of Light—an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings from across the Multiverse. Their purpose is to support individuals as they shift into Unity Consciousness and return to their natural state of joy. The Council transmitted the teachings in this book for those seeking to accelerate their journey toward health, wealth, happiness, and their soul’s deepest desires.

Danielle will lead us through a Divine Transmission from the Councils of Light on the program TODAY!



Here’s what Dr. Pat Bacilli has to say about the book:

Danielle has done it again! The Council of Light invites us to live in the space that is our Divine Birthright, JOY. This is more than a book—it is an experience! It is one of the much-needed reads of our time to move beyond fear, shame, guilt, and blame. This book is transformative for anyone who chooses a life of happiness and abundance.”

~Pat Bacilli, PhD, host of The Dr. Pat Show

Offering an opportunity to form a direct connection with the Council of Light, this book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way.

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When you are connected to your expanded self you are in tune with the larger picture of your life–of your soul’s evolution, of your past experiences, of having purpose, and of everything that has happened in your life being the best thing that could have ever happened. It is this expanded state that allows you to be neutral enough to decide that everything in your life is good and is a reason for joy.

Sonia Choquette, author of Trust Your Vibes and the New York Times Bestseller The Answer Is Simple says:

0000cover11“The Council of Light is a brilliant gift from the Universe to all those who are ready to heal their hearts, receive the blessings of love and abundance, and elevate their human experience to a divine level. I loved it and so will you.”


And, if you order the book OCT 30 TOMORROW, you’ll receive more than 60 downloadable bonus gifts from many of Danielle’s gifted colleagues.

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Celebrating  Conscious Soul Evolution, the Divine Blueprint, Sacred Wisdom, Ascension & the Mystery School of Vibrant Living.   Q & A,  with Special Guests,  initiations, moment to moment activations magic and much much more.

Breakthrough not a Breakdown

0moonWith this full moon gateway also being a penumbral eclipse the Earth will be between the sun & moon causing the moon to move through the Earth’s shadow instead of the reflecting the light of the Sun…creating a propensity for tension between the sexes & a sense of feeling eclipsed by the dark such as past pain & lower emotions. A truest sense of the dark night of the soul releasing all that’s been swept under the rug.  

A touch of madness can go with the territory of this powerful shift happening week of the fall with a full moon eclipse, apex of the Uranus Pluto square and mercury retrograde.

Get your clarity back! 

Let’s reclaim our sacred roots, clear, grounding, and strengthen  in receiving the Sound Harmonics in deeper connection with the crystalline core heart center of the Mother Earth.    



0a1 The push-pull fireworks between Pluto and Uranus  are  part of a three year cycle that began in 2012, and these next few days October 17-November 15  are considered the most intense dates of this cycle. A divine offering of experiencing  the breakdown you’ve been putting off – embrace it, don’t resist it as you’ll shed some of the deepest wounds releasing the garment of flesh for a body of light  revealing a new & magical self slicing through the illusion and glamor of the 3rd dimension just as  Excalibur – the sword of truth is so revered for.
On the journey towards WHOLENESS we must embrace both our light and our dark swept under the carpet aspect. In becoming  HOLY – whole in darkness and whole in light.

Everything is in divine and perfect order!


The Transdimensional Tree of Life





Franesce Hart

Everything you’ve ever wanted to experience, know and embrace is within You, you are an intricate web of light, an ashram a temple of light that is  syncronistically aligned with the WHOLE of the universe known as the MACROcosm reflective of your body of light that is the MICROcosm. As your soul becomes more visible anchoring your FULL presence into your  physically body structure you begin to radiate shining forth a new shift in conscious awareness of your vibrational frequency in the Eternal NOW. To step into a deeper connection  with your physical body or temple of light let’s visualize your sacred  inner TREE OF LIFE.

Visualize your roots spreading out deep into the center of the Earth across the planetary hologram raising your hands upwards to the sky elevating your conscious awareness now in alignment with the planets, grounding  ourselves deeper into and across the parallel hologram of our planet in all is brilliant  multiple realities that we’ve been hearing about, sensing, feeling and seeing.

 treeoflifeholygrailAscension really is about Descending bring Heaven to Earth, as the consciousness evolves  and expanding into multidimensionality  it becomes clear that this is now about becoming TRANS DIMENSIONALLY aware; across, above, below, and on all sides in the giant circle, spiraling out the shape of every galaxy and every cell, molecule and  subatomic particle emitting Love and Light.

Let us welcome all the parallels and dimensions Of Gaia as we step across the veil shifting dimensionally recognizing that the Earth has arrived! Her harmonic resonance in a new vibration arriving within the re-patterning and resetting of the planet at a new station. Just as  the astrologically signs have also elevated into  their highest expression so has Gaia!

Take these next moments in the eternal now to just feel, embrace, energize allowing the Divine Flow of the new harmonic octaves of our multidimensionality selves and all of our bodies the beautiful temples of light the ashrams that you are awaken all that we are which is enormous and trace the new sacred geometry or Diamond Gaia-ometry of Light into this new Tree of Life – experiencing the vastness of who you are with  the conscious expansion elevating your awareness into the infinite eternity connecting into all that is.

ReceptivenessA profound piece is that there is no personal ascension but a multidimensional one as we are all connected to everything there is no personal aspects of God is Ascending;  God is taking us along for the ride!  You are ascending and how you ascend effects the whole of the cosmos in all its entirety.

The Altar of the HEART

Take a deep breath and bringing your awareness and your focus to the sacred chamber within your heart: the holy of holies realizing that you have a heart within a heart within a heart revealing the divine spark that is you,  an altar which houses your sacred expression, it is your Ark of the Covenant. As you travel across the globe, throughout your life, to sacred sites or vortex’s  reclaiming the fragmented aspects of yourself your heart elevates in alignment with your  vibrational frequency and atomic structure igniting your soul,  anchor and  honoring the sacred wisdom hidden in plain sight that;


The sacred sites of the globe open up to you in a multidimensional / trans-dimensional fashion in accordance to your vibratory rate, depending on your specific frequency;  when visiting these sacred sites across the globe you receive an energetic gift or divine transmission (silence) that reveals itself in the coming days, weeks and months of your visit gift to further awaken your Divine self, raising your harmonic resonances.

If you wish to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of vibration, frequency and energy. -Tesla

Clearly anyone with malice intent would also receive a divine transmission in portion to their souls awareness and understanding. Napoleon once spent a night in the original pyramid in Giza only to run out in the morning, berserk, and raving like a madman. Clearly that pyramid did not agree with Napoleon’s personal ideals. The invisible realms awaken the inner mysteries that is deeply embedded in your DNA awakening the sleeping Stellar consciousness  Divinity codes  speeding up your cells and molecules making more room to anchor your full presence merging Heaven on Earth – the Hermetic principal with the MICROcosm within the MACROcosm.




Alchemy & Divine Egyptian Magick – Spiritual Quest Journey: April 30 – May 13, 2014

APRIL 30 – MAY 13, 2014

0000egypt35It is said in time, all mysteries shall be revealed….

Fate makes the map but destiny is determined by the manner in which you engage your journey.

So why not return to where it all began a time known as Zep Tepi or the creation.  Embark on this sojourn through the energetic cosmic doorway granting you access to the hidden magical realms of illumination holding the wisdom of the whole. Embrace the wisdom of each Temples visited which reflects not only the myth of Isis and Osiris but also the stellar, solar, lunar, and environmental influences so important to the ancient Egyptians; including the Majesty of the Milky Way as reflected in the waters of the river Nile.

Your sacred voyage to Egypt will ignite the process of your conscious evolution experienced as an ascension spiral granting you greater intuitive self-awareness in embracing your SAHU (the fully realized self).

Awakening the wisdom of an open heart with infinite possibilities…

14 days / US$ 5 700 per person / April 30th – May 13th 2014

 templehoursEnjoy basking in luxury like the Pharaoh’s on a heavenly 14-day divine cosmic odyssey adventure. Re-awaken your wanderlust as you are left breathless by some of the most exotic temples in the world – while activating, healing and anchoring your Divine Eternal Nature in all its vast KA/BA multi-dimensionality.


Duration: 14 days
Dates: 30th April – 13th May 2014
Price per person sharing: US$ 5 700
Single Supplement: US$ 600
Journey Leaders: Charlotte Szivak, Yousef & Patricia Awyan, Mohamed Ibrahim
Location of nights spent: 5 nights Giza, Cairo1 night Bahariya Oasis1 night camping in the White Desert2 nights Hermopolis cultural village1 night Abydos2 nights Luxor1 night Aswan
Key Activations: (there are a number of other meditations, toning, chambers of light, initiations and ceremonies en-route)Inter-dimensional Holographic Passport Available Womb of Creation ActivationShakti Sacred Kundalini AwakeningMulti-Dimensional Integration Chambers of Light ActivationsMer-Ka-Ba ActivationAkashic RecordsMajesty of the starsDivinity Key Codes & SymbologyGolden Shadow InfusionSekhmet´s giftsCrystalline ascensionPure love consciousnessDivine Diamond Blueprint
Arrival point of entry: Cairo International Airport
Departure point: Cairo International Airport

Highlights Include:

 pryamid text temple of SaqqaraDiscover your Divine roots, ignite your spiritual legacy and connect with expansive sacred sites revealing the golden nuggets to ascension while pampering, nourishing and purifying your Multi-dimensional divine self though the Mystical Initiation Gateways of the Ancient Mystery schools

 ~ Enjoy private group access into the King & Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid; between the paws of the Sphinx and the Chapel of Sekhmet at Karnak ~ Explore the Mysteries of Ancient Amarna and the Powerful Spirit found at the Monuments in Luxor, Aswan and Giza ~ The Holy of holies Inner Sanctum at Philae ~ Interact with teachers of Egyptian indigenous wisdom ~ Travel to rarely visited sites including the enchanting Bahariya Oasis and Crystal Mountain  ~ Spend a night under the stars in the White Desert and 2 nights at the New Hermopolis cultural village ~ Discover the Sacred Symbology & Birthright of Abundance with a full day touring at Saqqara and the Cosmic Key codes of Dashur ~  Visit the World Famous Cairo Museum; Valley of the Kings and the Colossi of Memnon ~ Sunrise visit to Karnak in Luxor ~  Felluca Ride and Nubian village visit ~ Optional hot air balloon ride over the West Bank of Luxor ~ Experience healing energies still present in the ancient hospital at Saqqara ~ Visits to Dendera and Abydos. ~ Camel ride?

 Journey Leaders:

DSC_0318_300x200Charlotte Szivak   Born on a New Moon Solar Eclipse & residing in the Waterfall Capital of the World; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Charlotte Is a Soul Igniter, an Alchemist, a Conscious Evolutionary intuitive guide with Full Sensory Perception (use of all abilities) gifting her with X-Ray vision, a background in Spiritual Energetic Psychology and a high vibrational frequency of healing enabling her in attuning to each souls unique vibrational signature assisting them with dissolving the dimensional veils of illusion.  A daring, witty universal adventurer embodying ancient wisdom, she triggers the divine blueprint and cosmic key codes to the sacred – Light Language spanning from the Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantan and Avalonian eras.

 As an Internationally renowned media personality and transformative intuitive and healer, Charlotte applies the most cutting-edge healing technologies; passionately inspires and empowers personal growth expanding your awareness in new horizons to thrive; illuminates the magic of infinite possibilities in all Multidimensional layers of your life and/or heart centered business; assists you becoming ever more present with magnetic clarity thereby launching your legacy.

In addition to Charlotte’s unique soul knowledge and healing activations, we are privileged to have the involvement of the Awyan family, indigenous wisdom keepers and key holders, and our English speaking Egyptologist guide, Mohamed Ibrahim. This multi perspective experience allows you to discern for yourself and develop your own understanding of the mysteries of Egypt.

Between the paws of the SphinxYousef and Patricia Awyan

Living at the base of the Pyramids and Sphinx, in the small village of Nazlet el Saman in Giza, Yousef and Patricia are carrying on the work of Yousef’s father, renowned Indigenous Wisdom Keeper, Abd’el Hakim Awyan (1926-2008). Yousef and Patricia are Co-Directors of a modern Mystery School – the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism, which they refer to as an open forum for all who wish to gather and exchange information and research about Egypt, ancient wisdom & technologies, and raising our collective levels of awareness and consciousness. Combining the wisdom handed down to them from Hakim, with their own continuing research, Yousef and Patricia provide a fresh perspective and vision of Egypt’s heritage along with holding a sacred space for activating the energies within and outside ourselves at many of the powerful sites throughout Egypt.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim was born in Memphis, Egypt and studied (Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Islamic) Art and history at Helwan University in Cairo. He has been working as a tour guide and a teacher of Hieroglyphics since 2000. Mohamed’s comprehensive knowledge of Ancient Egypt, along with his background in comparative religions and spiritual studies has enabled him to fill lecture halls and conduct a variety of successful tours over the years. When he is not on tour, Mohamed frequently lectures on Egyptian mythology ‐ its spiritual aspects in Egyptian art, and the Ancient Egyptian concept of Gods and Goddesses.



During this journey of Discovery and Transformation, we will provide the opportunity for you to explore, learn and discover, as well as hold a space for you to feel, meditate and experience the intense energies at the powerful sites in Egypt.

 Detailed itinerary

 Day 1 – Wed 30th April  Cairo – Giza

camelegyptA transfer representative will meet you at the airport to assist you with entry formalities and escort you to the luxurious 5-Star Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel, less than 5 minutes from the Giza Plateau.

Enjoy a Welcome Dinner together followed by an orientation meeting with introductions and joining Heaven and Earth surprises!

Overnight Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel, Giza (Dinner included)

hatchetsut-close-upDay 2 – Thurs 1st May  Cairo – Egyptian Museum

After an early breakfast, travel to the world famous Egyptian Museum in the center of Cairo. You will see many amazing artifacts collected from sites all over Egypt, including the gold sarcophagus & jewellery on display at the King Tut Exhibit. We will point out the Schist Disk, made famous by Hakim’s observation that it is clearly evidence of the superior technology of the ancient Khemitians. Tucked in a back corner on the first floor you will see evidence of how this spinning disk may have actually worked!

Afterwards we will enjoy lunch together at the restaurant in the outdoor courtyard of the Museum.

Back at the hotel and in the warm embrace of Giza energy, Charlotte will guide you through the Womb of Creation Activation to align you with your Soul’s Purpose: Awaken the vivid inner treasures held within your body to absorb the heavenly essence of the Goddess; replacing all of your God crystals and seed packets. This liquid crystal activation will assist in upgrading you with a powerful physical body structure and foundation for your light body.

Own arrangements for dinner.

Overnight Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel, Giza (breakfast and lunch included)

thothDay 3 – Fri 2nd May  Cairo – Dashur & Saqqara

 After an early Breakfast we will travel to the ancient site of Dashur where we will visit the Red and Bent Pyramids, attributed to the King Sneferu. The title Sneferu translates as double harmony and refers to the different tones of frequency that these pyramids vibrate with. Yousef will guide the group to collectively awaken and activate the energies of the Red Pyramid when we enter the resonance chambers within. After a quick lunch, spend the afternoon at Saqqara, home of the Step Pyramid attributed to King Djoser.

 Experience the still active healing energies of the ancient Hospital at Saqqara and discuss the many references to the importance of balancing the polarized energies within and without. You will be led on an exploration of the area that surrounds the Pyramid of Wenis (Unas), which displays all the elements of ancient Per Neters or energy devices.

0000egypt0001Where upon Charlotte will lead you through the initiatory rites of passage with the sacred Pyramid Texts empowering you to create your life as a divine creator BEing awakening your ability to direct access to Source and that Is.

 Saqqara is a two-fold transmission; first part being the cellular knowledge that is your birth right to unlimited abundance. The second being the awakening of your gifts of Symbology; the ability to understand symbols, synchronicities and the hieroglyphs of ascension as we make our journey through the inner and outer realms of multi-dimensional consciousness along the Nile.

 A highlight of our day will be a visit to the newly opened Serapeum, a huge subterranean complex. The long hallway that runs in an east/west direction is flanked by chambers that house gigantic, highly crystalline stone boxes. Many believe that Bulls associated with the Apis Bull cult were buried in them. However, no bulls or human bodies were found in any of these huge boxes that were made with an extremely advanced technology. When excavated in 1852, all twenty-four boxes, weighing 60-80 tons, had been plundered. Their lids had been pried loose and the contents taken. Our collective research shows that these boxes are far more ancient than the writings found on and around them and were an integral part of a huge energy device. View all the elements to fathom how it may have functioned.

 Return back to the Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel to enjoy the evening at leisure.

 Own arrangements for dinner.

Overnight Mecure Cairo Le Sphinx (Breakfast and lunch included)

 The White DesertDay 4 – Sat 3rd May  Bahariya Oasis

 After breakfast, drive to the Bahariya Oasis, 225 miles southwest of Cairo. The Bahariya Oasis is surrounded by black hills made up of ferruginous quartzite and dolorite. The Oasis is fed by many springs – the most famous of which, is a thermal spring with medicinal and restorative properties.

 Traditional music is very important to the Waḥātī people (meaning “of the oasis” in Arabic), who are the descendants of ancient Bedouin tribes and people from the Nile Valley who came to settle in the oasis.  Traditional songs sung in rural style are passed down from generation to generation and will be shared with us.

 Overnight Elbeshmo Lodge, Bahariya Oasis (Breakfast and lunch included)

 columns-at-luxorDay 5 – Sun 4th May Black Desert, Crystal Mountain and the White Desert

 After breakfast, embark on a safari exploration of the Black Desert, an area of the Sahara Desert, which was created from mountains of black basalt from ancient volcanoes worn away by millennia of erosion, leaving everything a rich dark great colour. The combination of the black stones covering the hills along with the orange/ochre ground of the desert makes for dramatic views.

 Afterwards, visit a Bedouin Village near a hot spring for lunch. Our next stop will be Crystal Mountain, a sub volcanic vault, filled with crystals resulting from a hydrothermal event, with beautiful formations and crystal shards scattered throughout the area. This energetic area is a beautiful place to meditate and experience the powerful and healing energies of the Egyptian desert.

 After exploring the area, safari jeeps will transport us to the enchanting White Desert. Here amidst surreal white chalk formations that have been weathered by the desert into fascinating shapes and forms, we will set up camp. One can find all kinds of rocks pebbles and ancient shells left here from a time when the area was an ancient seabed. After witnessing the spectacular sun set, enjoy a barbecue dinner and music by the campfire.

 This evening, Charlotte will guide you through the Majesty of the Planetary Stellar Chamber of Light and Cosmic consciousness activation:

0000egypt14The Awakened Starlight Multidimensional Beings and the Stellar consciousness energy will connect all your chakras with the stars of the Pleiades, the Altars of the Nile 7 Sister Goddess, the Milky Way, and the Aurora Borealis.  These alignments will hook up the microcosm and macrocosm of the Universe found within each human and all that is, igniting your Multidimensional roles within creation.

You are elevated and enlightened as your light body shimmers and soul blending and merging synergistically, anchoring your entire being into a higher vibrational frequency. The stellar consciousness awakens within you leaving no space between heaven and earth as Heaven and Earth join as one.

Meditate in the abject silence of the desert and watch the brilliant display of stars and the moon—far from the lights of any village, town or city—before drifting off to sleep in your choice of sleeping bags under the stars or in a tent.

 Wake up to greet the sunrise with the glow of the white rock formations and golden desert sand – an unforgettable and magical experience!

 After breakfast we drive back to the village and board our motor coach for our journey to el Minya.

 Overnight Camping Under the Stars in the White Desert (breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

 0000egypt1Day 6 – Monday 5th May  New Hermopolis, Tuna El Gebel

 After an early breakfast, depart for el Minya where we will check in to our rooms at the New Hermopolis, a cultural village built on a privately owned desert land in a pristine location less than 3km from the Ancient Hermopolis at Tuna El Gebel. This Castle in the Desert is set at the very centre of the land amidst newly planted olive groves and young vineyard. It lies against a backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery and flows freely and peacefully with the outside desert landscape.

 “The philosophy, which emanated from the city (Hermopolis) influenced the arts and academia in Egypt and the world, and continued to shape human thought throughout the renaissance and the enlightenment, up until the present time” Mervat Nasser, Founder.

0000egpyt001 It is Mervat’s dream to provide a sustainable space in this historic area of Egypt, wherein she can encourage a surge of growth for the area, both culturally and economically, and empower its residents.

 Proceeds from the resort’s revenue are used exclusively for development purposes, including the implementation of sustainable community building projects. Cultural development is sought through education and the identification and development of local creative talent. Support for civil society growth and the empowerment of local residents is intended to increase democratization and respect for human rights. Ecological protection is pursued through adopting an environmentally friendly building style and green infrastructure, in addition to preserving endangered local flora and fauna.

 Overnight New Hermopolis, Tuna El Gebel (Breakfast and dinner included)

 kom-omboDay 7 Tues 6th May  Beni Hassan and Tel el Amarna

 After breakfast, travel to the site of Beni Hassan, which includes 39 rock-hewn tombs, some of which belong to the Old Kingdom. These caves known by the locals for their sound resonance acoustics and healing energies were created long before they were used as tombs.

 Beni Hassan is located on the eastern bank of the Nile, overlooking the river valley with magnificent views in both directions. A temple constructed by Queen Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, dedicated to the local goddess Pakhet, was found to the south. It is a subterranean temple, known today as the Cave of Artemis, due to the Greek influence.

 Afterwards, explore the sites of Akenaton’s Tel el Amarna. The Amarna Period was an era of Egyptian history during the latter half of the Eighteenth Dynasty when the royal residence of the pharaoh and his queen was shifted to Akhetaten, which translates as “Horizon of the Aten”, in what is now modern day Amarna. Aside from the rock cut tombs found here, the area contains the remains of many structures, such as the Great Temple of the Aten and the Great Royal Palace, that were built by Akhenaton.

 Overnight New Hermopolis, Tuna El Gebel (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

 folegyptDay 8 – Wed 7th May  Ashmonien, Malawi Archaeological Museum and drive to Abydos

After breakfast, visit Tuna El Gebel, known to the Greeks as Hermopolis, to explore the Tomb of Petosiris, the Catacombs & the Tomb of Isadora.

Khmun, the Ancient Egyptian name of El Ashmunein, means “eight-town”, after the Ogdoad, a group of eight Neteru who represented the world before creation. The name survived into Coptic as (Shmounein), from which the modern name, El Ashmunein, is derived. The Greeks named the city Hermopolis, after Hermes or the Neter, Djeheuti (Thoth).

We will take our time browsing through the fascinating artifact found in and around the nearby sites of Tuna al-Gebel and Hermopolis at the Malawi Archaeological Museum.

 Then drive to Abydos and check into the new Horus Hotel with views of the Temple of Seti I where it is likely that we will have the opportunity to meet, Horus, the hotel’s founder. Since his youth and until her passing over, Horus was trained by Omm Sety, with whom he had a special relationship. She recognized his spiritual gifts and exceptional connection to the ancient Egyptian religion. At the age of eleven he described a vision he experienced to Omm Sety, where after she decided to name him Horus. Since then he has been working as Ancient Egyptian Healer and Priest.

 Overnight Horus Hotel and Healing Center, Abydos  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

 0000egypt00Day 9 – Thurs 8th May  Abydos and Dendera

 After breakfast, visit the ancient pilgrimage site of Abydos, the Temple of Osiris and the very ancient Osirieon Temple.

 At the Seti I Temple, dedicated to Osiris, we will discuss the symbolism as we view the masterful craftsmanship of the beautiful depictions that cover the walls. Behind this Temple lies the megalithic Osirieon, similar to the Valley Temple in Giza, that the indigenous tell us is 35,000-50,000 years old or more. It is here that several depictions of the Flower of Life can been seen on the huge pillars. Local villagers claim that the water that accumulates in this structure has valuable healing properties.

 Here Charlotte will lead you through two powerful initiations gifted by the Temple of Abydos;

 0000egpyt01- Initiation 1: The sacred geometry Stargate of the Flower of Life (seed of creation); raising your vibration receiving a direct activation of the divine being within igniting you with power aligning your pineal gland, spinal column, cells and DNA to experience an infusion of eternal life.

 raisdjed- Initiation 2: The raising of the Djed;  awakening your dormant Kundalini power within not only raising the vibration of your physical form ascending into higher realms of consciousness, but making you fully aware of your multi-dimensionality vastness of receiving and transmitting consciousness.  

 Afterwards, drive to Dendera to visit the incredible Temple of Hathor, a site that Chris Dunn remarked should have been listed as one of the ancient wonders of our world! Star maps depicted on the ceilings in this temple, and the replica of famous Dendera Zodiac (the original is displayed at the Louvre in Paris) point to the ancient origins of astrology and superior knowledge of our cosmos. Hathor (Het-Hert), the Netert who personified motherhood, beauty, sexuality, love, joy, harmony, dance and music was often associated with the planet, Venus. She was known as the Lady of the Stars, and represented the nurturing solar food of the Sun’s rays, required for birth, growth and renewal.

 0000egypt01aCharlotte will guide you through the Divinity Codes activation:
Revitalize the subconscious garden within by connecting with the Hathors and your birthright of joy, bliss, abundance, manifestation and purpose. Dissolve your fears as you ignite your divinity codes reflecting this heaven in your earth, birthing the realm of infinite possibilities.  Multidimensionality is the unification of heaven on earth. You will receive downloads of the Paradise Grids, Diamond Sacred Gaia-metries and Key Codes in accordance to your vibrational frequency. Bring a citrine stone to be activated by the massive column of citrine in the pool.

 Overnight Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort (Breakfast and dinner included)

 ram-headed-sphinxes-at-karnakDay 10 – Friday 9th May  Karnak and Luxor Temples

 Start this incredible day with a sunrise visit to Karnak Temple, the world’s largest temple. One can never have enough time to fully explore all the riches of Karnak, where we will spend the entire morning.

 An avenue of ram-headed sphinxes leads us into the gigantic complex, which includes temples dedicated to Amun, a Neter representing an aspect or stage of the Sun, and Khonsu, who represents the Moon.

 We will visit the powerful Chapel of Sekhmet, the Neter who represents the potent and purifying energies of the sun. Sekhmet personifies the solar rays that provide the electromagnetic energy required to sustain life and the earth’s grid. As the lioness, she symbolizes the powerful and fierce, yet protective love, akin to that of any mother. Sekhem, means power and Sekhmet is the electrical spark that provides the necessary energy to perform what we have been told are mystical, magical and powerful feats, including the healing of the physical body. She is the Life Force. Be prepared to experience a morning you will never forget!

 more-sekhmetExperience the radiant pulse of power and vibrancy transmissions of Sekmet as she gifts you with a powerful translucent myriad of luminescent colors and vibrations of the new Lemuria frequencies.  Igniting a new chamber within the heart, opening and expanding your healing abilities as you begin to remember who you are.

 Karnak Temple -The powerful sacred geometric design and natural elements of the architecture itself has the ability to transform and raise levels of awareness and consciousness as you walk through this and many other temples. The Shakti sacred Kundalini awakening of Tantra sexuality rebirth will be done here with Charlotte.  Ignite the vital dynamic flow life force flow with love of Shakti’s harnessing of intelligence and creative power of instinctual sexuality – the authentic way of living in divine orgasmic ecstasy – devoid of shame and guilt and elevating you to your divine nature of joy through Kundalini sexual alchemical healing.

We will explore the mysteries of the enigmatic Luxor Temple in the early evening. Linked to Karnak Temple by the Avenue of Sphinxes, Luxor Temple utilizes similar patterns of sacred geometry in its design.

 0000egypt26After 15 years of intense study, Alchemist, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, called the Luxor Temple- The Temple of Man, in a book in which explored the connectedness of ancient Egyptian philosophy, spirituality, mathematics, and science. Lubicz’s theory that the Luxor Temple was designed to replicate all aspects of Man (body, mind and spirit), is well documented and has gained support from many Alternative Egyptologists, such as John Anthony West. The rest of your evening is at leisure.

 Own arrangements for dinner.

Overnight Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort (Breakfast and lunch included))

 hathor111Day 11 – Saturday 10th May  Drive to Aswan, Temple of Khnum at Esna and Kom Ombo Temple

 Our first stop will be the Temple of Khnum in Esna. The tutelary deities of Esna, once known as Latopolis was the triad of Neters – Khnum and Neith, along with their offspring Heka . The temple of Esna, dedicated to this triad, was remarkable for the beauty of its site and the magnificence of its architecture.

 Next, we will stop at Kom Ombo, to visit the twin temples dedicated to the crocodile Neter, Sobek and Horus, the Elder. We will discuss the aspects of nature and our cosmos represented by the Neteru and how they relate to awakening our senses and raising our levels of awareness. We will speak of the powerful initiations that were once practiced here, and how we can tap into the profound and self-empowering lessons experienced here by the ancients. You will also have the opportunity to view depictions of various medical instruments and alchemical healing practices.

 Check into the luxurious Mövenpick Resort located in the middle of the majestic Nile River.

 There will be time for shopping at the world famous Aswan Souks, known for their offerings of fragrant spices, hand crafted items and jewellery, scarves and colourful galabeyas.

 Overnight Mövenpick Resort, Aswan (Breakfast and lunch included)

 Holy of Holies Temple of IsisDay 12 – Sun 11th May  The Unfinished Obelisk, Temple of Isis at Philae, Elephantine Island, Nubian Village and Flight to Cairo

 After breakfast, we will explore the famous Aswan quarry that is home to the 1,200 ton Unfinished Obelisk, that only a handful of cranes worldwide could lift today, and other significant evidence of higher technologies used by the ancient Khemitians.

 After lunch, we will take a motorboat to the enchanting Island of Philae, and the powerful Temple of Auset (Isis). Auset is associated with the ancients’ most highly revered star, Sirius. The annual rising of Sirius was synonymous with the flooding of the River Nile, which left huge deposits of silt, the very valuable black earth or KMT(Khemit) for which Egypt was named. She is usually depicted wearing the throne, or seat of power, reflecting the matriarchal nature of the very ancient civilization.

 The Sphinx 2Charlotte will guide you through the Diamond Consciousness activation:

Enter into the diamond – a central chamber within the core of the Living heart within your Internal Castle, the holy of holies, allowing your BEing to be saturated with the pure love consciousness. Bathe in the magical waters as it pours over you, within, above and below you. Luxuriating in this waterfall of love; entrain to its higher frequency as you are the  temple of Light, the ashram – you with your intricate vibrational frequency restores its brilliance in equilibrium, balance and symmetry with that of Isis.  Discover the magic of the Siriuian stars known as the Source of all ancient wisdom and embodiment of Isis (Goddess of Love, the sky)

 After sharing some of the highlights of this site together, you will have time to explore its captivating wonders on your own.

a-sanctuary-at-abydos Later in the morning we will sail to Elephantine Island, in Aswan, to explore the site that is home to the temple dedicated to the Neter, Khnum, who was the master of the mysteries of water. Scattered throughout this site we find many remnants displaying the superior technologies of pre-dynastic times.

 We will be integrating and receiving forgiveness of all past lives, as a time merger into one shining being now.

Next, enjoy a scenic boat ride to a Nubian Village located on the banks of the Nile. Here we will visit Fatima and her charming family, and enjoy a delicious home cooked Nubian meal.

 Early evening flight to Cairo and check in to our Hotel in Giza.

 Overnight Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel Giza (Breakfast and dinner)

 Giza Plateau 1Day 13 – Mon 12th May Giza and private access between the paws of the Sphinx and into the King’s Chamber of Great Pyramid

 After breakfast we will depart for an exploration of the world famous Giza Plateau. After a visit to view the megalithic construction of the very ancient Valley Temple, we will have our first Private entry – Between the Paws of Tefnut (the Sphinx). We will have the opportunity to meditate together here at one of the most powerful portals on earth! We will be activating the Diamond Consciousness, which holds the Blueprint of your Divine Master Plan: Your entire memory of your frequency resonance is carried within your DNA pulsating along within your Column of light – your Cosmic Divining Rod otherwise known as your Spinal Column. As you provide the Sphinx with a multi-dimensional update of where you are at this moment in the eternal now by your vibrating frequency.   The Sphinx will compare this to its stored information about your whole “existence vibration” gifting you with intricate frequencies and energies.  Assisting you in fulfilling your life’s purpose with a custom made frequency diamond download attracting the perfect experiences, opportunities, places and divine souls/people to you

egypt08-gizagallery-smWe will also have time to explore the area and see the evidence of water erosion that Geologist, Robert Schoch tells us was caused by rain pelting against the limestone enclosure for many centuries. This helps to confirm Hakim’s teaching that that She—Tefnut, is at least 32,000 years old or older!

 Next, we have the opportunity to enter the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Yousef will help us to achieve the tone of resonance with the highly crystallized granite of the chamber walls and “resonance box” during a group sound activation.

 Farewell Dinner Overnight Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel, Giza (Bed and dinner)

 inside the SerapeumDay 14 – Tues 13th May Cairo Departure

 After breakfast you will be driven to the Cairo Airport for your final departure

NOTE: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.

It is said in time, all mysteries shall be revealed… 

Fate makes the map but destiny is determined by the manner in which you engage your journey.

So why not return to where it all began a time known as Zep Tepi or the creation.  Embark on this sojourn through the energetic cosmic doorway granting you access to the hidden magical realms of illumination holding the wisdom of the whole. Embrace the wisdom of each Temples visited which reflects not only the myth of Isis and Osiris but also the stellar, solar, lunar, and environmental influences so important to the ancient Egyptians; including the Majesty of the Milky Way as reflected in the waters of the river Nile.

Your sacred voyage to Egypt will ignite the process of your conscious evolution experienced as an ascension spiral granting you greater intuitive self-awareness in embracing your SAHU (the fully realized self).

Awakening the wisdom of an open heart with infinite possibilities…

 14 days / US$ 5 700 per person / April 30 May 13 2014

Enjoy basking in luxury like the Pharaoh’s on a heavenly 14-day divine cosmic odyssey adventure. Re-awaken your wanderlust as you are left breathless by some of the most exotic temples in the world – while activating, healing and anchoring your Divine Eternal Nature in all its vast KA/BA multi-dimensionality.

– See more at:

It is said in time, all mysteries shall be revealed… 

Fate makes the map but destiny is determined by the manner in which you engage your journey.

So why not return to where it all began a time known as Zep Tepi or the creation.  Embark on this sojourn through the energetic cosmic doorway granting you access to the hidden magical realms of illumination holding the wisdom of the whole. Embrace the wisdom of each Temples visited which reflects not only the myth of Isis and Osiris but also the stellar, solar, lunar, and environmental influences so important to the ancient Egyptians; including the Majesty of the Milky Way as reflected in the waters of the river Nile.

Your sacred voyage to Egypt will ignite the process of your conscious evolution experienced as an ascension spiral granting you greater intuitive self-awareness in embracing your SAHU (the fully realized self).

Awakening the wisdom of an open heart with infinite possibilities…

 14 days / US$ 5 700 per person / April 30 May 13 2014

Enjoy basking in luxury like the Pharaoh’s on a heavenly 14-day divine cosmic odyssey adventure. Re-awaken your wanderlust as you are left breathless by some of the most exotic temples in the world – while activating, healing and anchoring your Divine Eternal Nature in all its vast KA/BA multi-dimensionality.

– See more at:

The Trinity Season Return – OCT 15th




2pm PST / 5pm EST  /  10pm GMT  /  11am Hawaii

Next Show Tuesday October 15, 2013

A harmonic new octave has arrived!

0000cover1aa11Its so great to be back for a 3rd season! We’ve missed you all and we’re back with some new additions, .surprises, fantastic guests with more moment to moment blissful activations and introducing our NEW SPOTLIGHT FEATURE!

W E L C O M I N G and this weeks special guest!

The Spiritual Travel Guru; Peta Panos of

Peta will be joining us each broadcast as our Travel Guru SPOTLIGHT on Spiritual Travel showcasing different  Sacred Sites, vortex’s, and exploring  Magical Places worldwide.

0000SQJ3PETA PANOS joins us as the Travel Guru and owner of Spiritual Quest Journeys, invites you every show to explore Sacred Sites and Magical Places worldwide. With over 26 years of tourism experience and a lifetime of visiting Earth’s most intriguing places of power, South African born, Peta enchants even the most jaded traveler. Combining information on the sites themselves; the tours that visit them and the mystery that surrounds them – the Travel Guru Spotlight should not be missed by those with wanderlust in their souls.

Celebrating  Conscious Soul Evolution, the Divine Blueprint, Sacred Wisdom, Ascension & the Mystery School of Vibrant Living.   Q & A,  with Special Guests,  initiations, moment to moment activations magic and much much more.

MysticGaia-By-KrystleyezWE ARE THE WORLD - With this time of remembering the realization of  ONEness Unification Consciousness, many exhausted explorers are returning from  their journeys through the crusades of history having finally discovered the  secret ascension gateways & portals. This is the Hermetic wisdom of the ancients “As  above, So below, so within, so without” mysteries – knowledge that has been kept  safe -hidden in plain sight – for thousands of years.

A knowledge so  profound that at the time of Graduation; Form-and-Formless-By-KrystlEyez

Earth’s Great Awakening, will herald  the quantum leap sparks of The Divine Cosmic Conscious Orgasmic Soul Evolution.  That  further reveals inter- dimensional doorways of the dynamic balance  being birthed through embracing our divine shadow (hidden potential), healing  and activating our birthright of abundance, while changing the world as we as ONE take  ownership and responsibility within ourselves.

If you wish to know the secrets of the UNI-verse, think in terms of energy, vibration & frequency. – Tesla

Ascension Initiations leading  into the higher states & realms of consciousness to RE-discovered and  be explored by the means of healing of “GODDESS ALCHEMY & DIVINE MAGIC”.

Join Charlotte Szivak as we step through an illuminated multi-dimensional doorway on a cosmic adventure ride through time and space bridging the merging time lines where the past, present and future collide.  Experience your vastness, elevating your consciousness, synthesis all of your Souls dimensions in a moment to moment  format that ignites your creativity to explore the many yet undiscovered horizons.

Each broadcast is infuses with ascension Light body activations,  transmissions, shadow wisdom transformations and meditative journeys assisting with awakening, anchoring, and actualization  of the Language of Light as you embrace your divine essence. Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic also welcomes many Special Guests – all experts within their fields of personal and planetary transformation.




Past guests included: Carl Johan Calleman, Danielle Rama Hoffman, Patrick Bernard, Amorah Quan Yin,  Padma Aon Prakasha,  & Dr. Raja Stardove,

Thus The Shekinah Universe, Divine Ecstasy  Blueprint of ‘Heaven on  Earth’ is ACTUALIZED!.

Rules are: it must be fun, creative,  clear & entertaining

For sponsorship and advertising packages available. For details please contact us at


DSC_0318_300x200CHARLOTTE SZIVAK As an internationally renowned transformative intuitive  a Soul Igniter, an Alchemist, a Conscious Evolutionary intuitive guide with Full Sensory Perception (use of all abilities) gifting her with X-Ray vision, a background in Spiritual Energetic Psychology and a high vibrational frequency of healing.

Charlotte is producer and host of the radio show “Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic” on BBS Radio, a media personality and adviser / guest with numerous international T.V /talk shows (SLICE, USA, Discovery, SUN, Animal Planet Networks) movies, radio & print (ELLE Canada, REUTERS, Yahoo!). The Official Morning Show Psychic on Y108FM with Ben & Shawna. She has also been nominated for Distinct Woman of the Year 2007/08/10 in Health and Wellness her articles appearing in several magazines/newspapers. She has also starred in the Hollywood hit movies, “How to Lose a guy in 10 days”, “The  Pacifier”, and “Hairspray”. She is also a journey leader with Peta’s company Spiritual Quest Journeys.


Shift Happens


000000aaFor years during any type of energetic healing or light-body activation I always started with invoking the ‘Multidimensional and Healing Integration Chambers of Light‘ while using the tuning fork of the Ohm which is the frequency of the Earth that prepare, clear and activates  the body into alignment. But last week as the powerful energies of the Equinox and full moon in Virgo (deep cleanse) descended upon Gaia for the second time a tuning fork broke! Finding this to be a weird coincidence the full realization of a tuning forks which tuningforkNEVER break – illuminated that a massive shift embodiment had anchored indicating the planet had an even greater awakening and conscious evolution frequency upgrading then expected!

Tuning in quickly to confer with Source I was told to now begin using an  F# ! Which left me speechless as in my mystery school teachings revealed that this was  the sound you ring in the King’s Chamber of the  big pyramid at the  Giza Plateau.  The resonates of the F# would awaken the sound frequency harmonics of the Music of the Sphere’s the multidimensional magic of  Egypt while fusing  the soul (KA) and  body (BA) together in the Ashram of Light the Temple that is you.

new earthBringing you face to face with your Golden Shadow, the separated aspects of self sometimes resulting in a Dark Night of the Soul.  The metamorphic death of the old emotional wounds suppressed or denied of self  to birth the new you in creating magic and miracles.  The shadow release or Alchemy is a life long journey that does get easier to recognize when it awakens. Alchemy; the study of changing base metals to gold or in this case transmuting the shadow aspects to the gold of the soul ignites in reclaiming your power, passion and purpose.  How divinely appropriate or right on schedule that through  one of the most powerful gateways of the year – Fall Equinox and the decent of the Shadow would this emerge. Breaking through the sound barrier frequency to anchor Heaven on Earth. All is in divine and perfect order!

Welcome to your new world!

Equinox; Alchemy of Passionate Power



The  Maoi on Easter Island

 The Ancients understood the important powerful aspect of how darkness played in the work of spiritual transformation & alchemy. As seen in the above picture with the mysterious 13 Maoi (each representing our 13 chakra’s) stand facing the Equinox sunset with the majesty of the Milky Way or Divine Feminine cosmic portal illuminating them from above; illustrating the understanding of this sacred balancing time of year in welcoming the Divine Shadow. By welcoming the darkness of the shadow into their lives they embraced a freedom of expression in owning their emotional wounds, delving deep into  the most separated aspects of self to  ignite the soul; co-create heaven on earth as a divine spark being of light. By owning their true authentic power those in the orthodox superstitiously feared it, condemning it as many in the New Age would also completely ignored it.

To become a WHOLE BEing one most own both aspects of self; the Light & the Dark.   

0000kundalini6At the Autumn Equinox as the light and dark become equal parts moving into the darkness until the Winter SOUL-tice, the shadow was honored, revered and celebrated for its lessons; a true alley that once embrace would reveal its magnificent gift. The darkness and death (transformation) can be found in the cycles of nature, in the alignment of our planet and traces of it can be found scattered across the globe in ancient legends, myths and sites that have become lost or distorted over time.

As we reclaim the soul fragments through our initiations, soul healing and meditations we come to understand the true meaning of the words;

“If you wish to know the secrets of the Universe think in terms of vibration, frequency and energy” – Tesla
These magical worlds once veiled behind the dimensional doorways will now open; awakening our true divine essence in reclaiming our sacred root making us cosmic beings aligned energetically flowing from the Milky Way through our beautiful luminescent bodies or ashrams of light  into the center of Gaia. As above, so below.

Stepping into our power


Now is the time that we are all being asked to step up & stretch ourselves beyond the old ways of doing things, beyond our ego’s comfort zone now we’re in the new frequencies of 13 which spirals the energy upward elevating our consciousness and expanding in our awareness our diamond Light body emerges in full presence.

00kundalinie It has become so clear that we cannot expand into our fullest potential unless taking responsibility for identifying & nurturing our needs is first. Our strength is our love for ourselves, so by reclaiming our divine sacred roots, and making a sacred space for ourselves initiates, electrifies and anchors our soul’s evolution and growth.

We each have a choice as to which future we are a part of – one where we continue to hand over our personal power out of fear or one where we stand in our truth as multi-dimensional kundalini awakened beings.


SOUListice Bliss













S O U L i s t i c e    B l e s s i n g s

Regardless of which hemisphere you reside in this image has been infused with Divine Love so that as your intention of attune/entrain to its vibrational frequency will open you to receive a down pouring of the 2 Divine Heavenly & Earth currents of Core Love and Light elevating your consciousness, expanding your awareness of the Divine Sacred Union within.

In the past 6 months since the monumental awaken of the December 21, 2012 SOULstice much clearing has happened to make wake way for a deeper anchoring of the embodied Return of Divine Feminine Mother Goddess energies. We’ve even started a new Facebook page here please visit; in honor of the return to give you up to the date energy alerts, information & Pearls of Wisdom, Activations, Red Tents, and Women’s Mysteries events.

This realization of also embracing a deeper aspect of the most separated aspect of the Divine Male also made its presences very known as  Pan, soul fragmented dark magician/Shadow aspects, power-play control tactics began showing up all over the holographic universe. Not to mention an array of apocalyptic movies also began hitting the theaters  triggering the  pain of the most separated Male/Father aspects  known so that it may also be transmuted and transfigured into the Bliss of Divine Sacred Union.

Now is the time to take to a deep B R E A T H , anchoring your roots reclaiming your sacred temple space within allowing the radiant red Earth Kundalini energies to arise blending within your beautiful Light – Body as the down pouring of the golden luminescent Cosmic Kundalini energies ignite your soul to birth forth the vibrant, prosperous physical manifestations of living in the orgasmic bliss of Divine Creation.

In honor of the SOULstice here is the Cosmic & Earth Kundalini Meditation;  bringing the Solar and Earth energies together blended within your Light Body integrating and  anchoring into your physical structure.