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Next Show Tuesday October 15, 2013

A harmonic new octave has arrived!

0000cover1aa11Its so great to be back for a 3rd season! We’ve missed you all and we’re back with some new additions, .surprises, fantastic guests with more moment to moment blissful activations and introducing our NEW SPOTLIGHT FEATURE!

W E L C O M I N G and this weeks special guest!

The Spiritual Travel Guru; Peta Panos of

Peta will be joining us each broadcast as our Travel Guru SPOTLIGHT on Spiritual Travel showcasing different  Sacred Sites, vortex’s, and exploring  Magical Places worldwide.

0000SQJ3PETA PANOS joins us as the Travel Guru and owner of Spiritual Quest Journeys, invites you every show to explore Sacred Sites and Magical Places worldwide. With over 26 years of tourism experience and a lifetime of visiting Earth’s most intriguing places of power, South African born, Peta enchants even the most jaded traveler. Combining information on the sites themselves; the tours that visit them and the mystery that surrounds them – the Travel Guru Spotlight should not be missed by those with wanderlust in their souls.

Celebrating  Conscious Soul Evolution, the Divine Blueprint, Sacred Wisdom, Ascension & the Mystery School of Vibrant Living.   Q & A,  with Special Guests,  initiations, moment to moment activations magic and much much more.

MysticGaia-By-KrystleyezWE ARE THE WORLD - With this time of remembering the realization of  ONEness Unification Consciousness, many exhausted explorers are returning from  their journeys through the crusades of history having finally discovered the  secret ascension gateways & portals. This is the Hermetic wisdom of the ancients “As  above, So below, so within, so without” mysteries – knowledge that has been kept  safe -hidden in plain sight – for thousands of years.

A knowledge so  profound that at the time of Graduation; Form-and-Formless-By-KrystlEyez

Earth’s Great Awakening, will herald  the quantum leap sparks of The Divine Cosmic Conscious Orgasmic Soul Evolution.  That  further reveals inter- dimensional doorways of the dynamic balance  being birthed through embracing our divine shadow (hidden potential), healing  and activating our birthright of abundance, while changing the world as we as ONE take  ownership and responsibility within ourselves.

If you wish to know the secrets of the UNI-verse, think in terms of energy, vibration & frequency. – Tesla

Ascension Initiations leading  into the higher states & realms of consciousness to RE-discovered and  be explored by the means of healing of “GODDESS ALCHEMY & DIVINE MAGIC”.

Join Charlotte Szivak as we step through an illuminated multi-dimensional doorway on a cosmic adventure ride through time and space bridging the merging time lines where the past, present and future collide.  Experience your vastness, elevating your consciousness, synthesis all of your Souls dimensions in a moment to moment  format that ignites your creativity to explore the many yet undiscovered horizons.

Each broadcast is infuses with ascension Light body activations,  transmissions, shadow wisdom transformations and meditative journeys assisting with awakening, anchoring, and actualization  of the Language of Light as you embrace your divine essence. Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic also welcomes many Special Guests – all experts within their fields of personal and planetary transformation.




Past guests included: Carl Johan Calleman, Danielle Rama Hoffman, Patrick Bernard, Amorah Quan Yin,  Padma Aon Prakasha,  & Dr. Raja Stardove,

Thus The Shekinah Universe, Divine Ecstasy  Blueprint of ‘Heaven on  Earth’ is ACTUALIZED!.

Rules are: it must be fun, creative,  clear & entertaining

For sponsorship and advertising packages available. For details please contact us at


DSC_0318_300x200CHARLOTTE SZIVAK As an internationally renowned transformative intuitive  a Soul Igniter, an Alchemist, a Conscious Evolutionary intuitive guide with Full Sensory Perception (use of all abilities) gifting her with X-Ray vision, a background in Spiritual Energetic Psychology and a high vibrational frequency of healing.

Charlotte is producer and host of the radio show “Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic” on BBS Radio, a media personality and adviser / guest with numerous international T.V /talk shows (SLICE, USA, Discovery, SUN, Animal Planet Networks) movies, radio & print (ELLE Canada, REUTERS, Yahoo!). The Official Morning Show Psychic on Y108FM with Ben & Shawna. She has also been nominated for Distinct Woman of the Year 2007/08/10 in Health and Wellness her articles appearing in several magazines/newspapers. She has also starred in the Hollywood hit movies, “How to Lose a guy in 10 days”, “The  Pacifier”, and “Hairspray”. She is also a journey leader with Peta’s company Spiritual Quest Journeys.


Stepping into our power


Now is the time that we are all being asked to step up & stretch ourselves beyond the old ways of doing things, beyond our ego’s comfort zone now we’re in the new frequencies of 13 which spirals the energy upward elevating our consciousness and expanding in our awareness our diamond Light body emerges in full presence.

00kundalinie It has become so clear that we cannot expand into our fullest potential unless taking responsibility for identifying & nurturing our needs is first. Our strength is our love for ourselves, so by reclaiming our divine sacred roots, and making a sacred space for ourselves initiates, electrifies and anchors our soul’s evolution and growth.

We each have a choice as to which future we are a part of – one where we continue to hand over our personal power out of fear or one where we stand in our truth as multi-dimensional kundalini awakened beings.


Illusion vs Illumination

Last weeks  life-altering celestial events of the third Uranus Pluto Square ( a series of 7 we will be receiving between 2012- 2015) including the powerful added  voltage of the Full Moon Eclipse. This sparked a reconstruction process in a profound way  elevating further still any lingering deep seated wounds, anxieties, self-esteem and fears  once again to be released.   As Pluto takes us to the core of who we are and Uranus shakes our foundation til we align with truth and our higher self.

The Earth and all her sentient beings are Ascending; elevating in  vibrational frequency  collectively as we are all  disengaging from the Fear Matrix of Illusion. The Fear Matrix is nothing more than an accumulation of past anxieties, stress- filled worries to sometimes evoking paralyzing fear resulting most to feel left in a mental fog.   For those of you with Clairvoyant abilities the Fear Matrix’s usually shows up looking like a cloud above your head that travels with you as well as a part that remains stationed draped above your bed  as gray and black clouds seeming like weeds  intertwined throughout your subtle bodies.

The important thing to remember is that this is all an illusion and that;0000portal

Treating you to some sleepless nights spent in over-analysis and strategic planning similar to a chess match leaving you mentally drained and waking up in a frozen state. Awareness is key and these are just some of the “symptoms” of the Fear Matrix fog clouding your perception.

Hearing the call and the need for help the Inner -Plane Ascendant Master  devised various techniques to assist you with releasing these energies from your body, aura and hologram; helping to awaken to the many levels of consciousness and embracing your inner reality.

00000stones3 SOME BASICS to remember…

Simply begin with smudging your room, above the bed, your own body especially above your head with sage (white buffalo) or sweet grass. This will instantly dissolve these clouds leaving the room feeling energetically fresh and light.


Another great idea is to create your bed as an alter with these specific stones:

00000stones2 00000stones AMETHYST

A powerful and protective stone that’s a natural tranquilizer bring serenity enhancing sacred space the healing and cleansing of your sacred space and aura. Superbly beneficial to the mind, calming and stimulating when appropriate.  Over come insomnia,nightmares awakening the divine connection with the brain


An extremely efficient grounding and anchoring stone that also assists with raising your vibration releasing any negative energies, dissolves fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness restoring harmony, peace and a feeling of stillness allowing you to release your day and get some restful sleep.
00000lotus2One of the most powerful transmitters of negative energy on the planet at this time, if your great with visualizations then this may be the one for you. Envision yourself completely engulfed in the violet flame especially around and above your head and within in minutes you will feel the energy release restoring stillness and peace. Repeating this mantra 3X’s while focusing on your brain will do you wonders;
I AM the Violet Flame
I am the purity God desires.


A Divine Dispensation that will release the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program with the help from the Inner Plane Ascendant Masters high- lighting any imbalanced, fear-based or negative energy right out of your field like a gardener pulling weeds replacing it with an infusion of the Divine Mother’s core love and the Christ, Buddha, Melchizedek qualities awakening consciousness, magnetic clarity anchoring the Divine Creation of Heaven on Earth.

There are only two emotions in the world: Love and Fear, all other emotions come down to one of these. Love is thinking with your Christ mind and Fear is thinking with your negative ego.

Every one has fear programming otherwise you would have moved away from the Earth by now.

The Fear Matrix Removal Program was given as a Divine dispensation from the Creator in the early 1990’s. It allows the senior members of the Spiritual Hierarchy currently living on the inner planes to pull core fear patterns out of your subconscious mind and four-body system.

Removal is assisted by any of the masters working on the seven great rays, but especially by Djwal Khul and Vywamus.

Clairvoyants may see these core fear patterns as black roots with many tentacles throughout the body. As they are removed, sucked out via the crown chakra, they are completely removed from your whole soul record, including from past lives and from your soul extensions.

As they are removed it is important to replace them with core Love.

Up to 95% of your core fear can be removed, but it will return if your thoughts are constantly fear based and coming from the ego or if you do not replace the core fear with core Love.

To keep yourself clear you should think from Love and Christ energy.

Once the fear has been removed, you are in a position to make clear choices.

It may take some time to remove the majority of your fears, as the programme is also removing them from your past lives.


•  Think of a fear pattern that you carry, for example: fear of failure or fear of dying.

•  Be specific and decide clearly the core fear you wish to have removed. You cannot ask, “please remove all my core fear patterns” and never ask again. You must continually work with the Masters and continually ask them to remove core fear patterns in specific areas.



Meditation to Remove a Core Fear Matrix  – By Dr. Joshua David Stone

•  Sit comfortably, ground, protect and center your energies.

•  Invoke your our Monad, perhaps saying the Monad Mantra:

I AM the Monad
I AM Light Divine
I AM Love
I AM Will

I AM Fixed Design

•  Invoke Djwhal Khul and Vywamus or other Master you feel an affinity with. Ask them and your own Monad to remove the specific core fear pattern you have decided upon.

•  You may experience sensations of it being removed through the crown chakra or if clairvoyant, see it being removed.

•  Ask that any core fears that are removed, are replaced with core love – self-love, love of God, love of humanity. Ask the Masters and your Monad to fill you with white ascension light.

•  Return your consciousness to your physical body



Other Uses of the Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme

•  Ask every night before going to sleep for a core fear pattern to be removed.

•  Call upon the Masters to remove a core fear whenever you become aware of a fear within you. Everyday situations my trigger a fear, for example watching a television program about children may bring up a fear of rejection within you. You do not have to enter a full meditative state.

•  Request to be signed up officially for the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme. Once you have signed up on the inner plane, they will work on you on an ongoing basis without you even having to ask.

•  The Core Fear Matrix Removal Programme is also effective in removing any implants or psychic attachments from the being as well as removing fears. Spend some time working to remove fears first, before asking for psychic attachments to be removed.

•  Service work: Ask that a core fear be also removed from the collective consciousness of humanity and / or from the subtle bodies of the Earth. Remember to replace it with core Love.

A Game Total Changer

These past few weeks have tested everyone’s patience and mental capacities, with the astrological aspects of Pluto (death, transformation) being Retrograde in Capricorn (foundation, structure, government)  as well as Saturn ruler of Capricorn also in Retrograde – its a wonder how we’ve all manged  to get out of bed at all.  

As all the cosmic stations (astrological signs) have been expanding and anchoring their own highest expression ie Saturn is no longer the planet of the father or world teacher but now embracing  the Inner Guru! We are all experiencing the anchoring of our true calling – A TOTAL GAME CHANGER! Moving from the head to the heart ~ looking closely at every aspect of our being, revamping EVERYTHING including questioning whether your even in love with the city that you live in,  Its time to stop waiting and start creating!
Below you may recognize this symbol of the Flower of Life.
 One of the most magical symbols in existence!
 When tracing  these lines you’ll notice an awakening serenity overcome you as it begins to infuses your pituitary /pineal gland igniting the Arc of Light above and around your forehead  blending and merging the left and right brain hemisphere’s together for brain illumination allowing you to gain access to parts of your brain you may have never used. Awakening your Mind of Light the Mind of God enhancing your natural abilities and gifting you with a greater sense of foresight.
Further igniting and infusing you with creativity, feelings of serenity, peace of mind, magnetic clarity, stillness allowing you to just simply be. A fantastic tool before a meditation, or just when your in need of some moments of pure aloneness luxury.
Let’s see what magnificent you can create as life is not happening to you…Life is responding to you.


Merging the MACROcosm with the MICROcosm

As above, so below  ~  Releasing Delusion and  Coming HOME to HEAVEN on EARTH

000homeBeing under the murky and intoxicating influence of Mercury in Pisces these past  few days has been nothing short of dicey causing many people to get completely carried away by their ideas, opinions and paranoid delusions, no matter how obviously ludicrous. Witness them vehemently defend their craziness even when all arrows point clearly to the fact that they indeed are off their rocker! The best way to navigate through this temporary insanity is to take everything with a grain of salt. But know there is a high note of all this  delusional upheaveal which will elevate your perception with a positive influence throughtout these challenging astrological line-up. It all indicates towards a brilliant time to go within and challenge any of your own illusions or self-deceptions of any deep ICE-olated shadow emotional pain ready to thaw out. A perfect time to delve into the “dark night of the soul”  transmuting the combination of the dark and light to ignite the gold essence of your divine infinite soul!

     No matter how strange things may seems at this time remember that there is a Divine Order to all this Cosmic Madness.

    00000macroAligning  the MACRO-cosm  (UNI-verse) with the MICRO-cosm (your body), as ever single planet, star within the UNI-verse is a reflection of the glorious perfection of your organs, tissues, and blood within your luminescent body.

Take this MOMENT in the ever present infinite NOW to reflect the vital importance of HOME. No matter where you live in the elegant planet when your heart is open you are always home.

B   R   E   A   T   H   extending a grounding  cord connecting you into the crystalline core of the Earth Mother allow yourself to  FLOW  just like in yoga getting yourself  all tune up, tapped in and ready to flow…    Igniting your Soul as you embrace the essence of HOME –  the bliss of  embracing your INNER SANCTUARY.OPALGATE1

Blend and merging the 2 Dazzling Divine Currents of illumination; the Cosmic and Earth Kundalini igniting the infinite well to flow through your aura, body and hologram anchoring Heaven on Earth. This video below will help  you to blend this magnificent energies together in your beautiful body.

Bring on the Clarity – Mercury RX – HUH?


000000000000moonWith the Full Moon in Virgo during a Mercury Retrograde period in the sign of Pisces many of you maybe experiencing a virtual astrological avalanche of breaking through  illusion and illumination. Some might even  experience    ‘mental freak outs’, computer glitches, and snafus.  Trying to lose our minds to awaken our senses can be a daunting task upset the balancing act of ‘appearing to have everything under control’. Yet in truth, when you dare to feel, dare to step into the unknown uncharted waters – you stimulate your senses –  feeling so ALIVE, PASSIONATE and VIBRANT!  TRUSTING (that dirty word- lol) the unfoldment of the unknown.  Excited to be truly LIVING.

For the next month I DARE you to do something that you’ve  feared, or has scared you and write down the results!  You may just surprise yourself – Mercury RX – Huh?

Dare to be the ma*STAR*piece you were created to BE!

  Go ahead…take a moment and just

- B  R  E  A  T  H  -  

 treat  yourself to a favorite latte, hike out in the woods in the cold feel your cheeks pink with delight!   This is a great time to Ignite your Soul, your Purpose and your Divine Mission as we all have a Divine Puzzle piece that fits into the magnificent whole – Awaken that razor sharp magnetic clarity and play!

    000000000ylogo I also just want to take a moment and make a special mention about   the Morning Show team of Ben, Kerry and Shawna as we celebrated their 5TH year on the Air and my 2nd year as their Official Psychic! Who knew we’d have chemistry?

    I’ve learnt so much from you 3 and am so grateful for the chance to really “spark” things up in the “stratosphere” – We’ve changed and inspired so many lives and its been such a pleasure to hang out and really embrace what it means to live in joy. I LOVE you guyz!

 00000000000mc       And to my dear dear friend and soul -brother Matt Stapley such a brilliant lively soul & Medium who’s just launched his own TV show on Rogers –  You’re doing Wonderful things – inspiring and empowering!  We’re honored to have you back on Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic March 12.

Psychic Insights with Matt Stapley    

Please visit him at

Crystal Skull; 2012 & Beyond Summit. March 9 & 10

DIVINE  Crystal Skull EMERGENCE; Aligning with the Mind of Light

To Register visit;

To Register visit;

Sunday March 10; Lecture 3

Maya. Photo taken by Charlotte Szivak

Join Charlotte  and the Radiant Crystal Skull MAYA  as we  igniting  the Ecstasy Key codes of the New Earth Templates held within Maya and all crystal skulls collectively  that ignite the Diamond Consciousness &  Paradise Grids for the  Divine Emergence of the New Age.
Explore  the Ancient secrets of the Language of Light  held within the Crystal Skulls;  guardian over a millennia by  the High Priestess of the past  to be revealed  now in the Aquarian Age that include experiencing an  Ascension Light body Activations, Shadow Wisdom Transformations, the  Diamond Geometries of Light all to  awakening your Divine Mind of Light reflective of the Crystal Skulls.


Discover the healing energy of Maya through a  meditative journey that will awaken, anchoring, and embrace your Divine Essence awakening  your vastness, elevating your consciousness, while merging  all of your Souls dimensions.

All drawn from Charlotte’s  vast experience’s leading global pilgrimages to sacred sites, ceremonies, healing and assisting with thousands of clients worldwide. An innovative knowledgeable soul, Charlotte & Maya will ignite you to reach deep into your Soul;  transcending obstacles, embrace your Shadow transmuting into pure potential, magnetic clarity, creatively manifesting and empowering you to THRIVE with joy, passion and grace.

To Register for this event please visit;

Differentiated Light & The Human Experience

‘I am the Alpha and the Omega, both the beginning and the end’
Source: The Ultimate Light

Guest Blogger; MATT STAPLEY


Source, God, The Great Spirit, The Great Central Sun and known by many other names is the ultimate being of undifferentiated energy. It is a conscious being and is the creator of all pathways of other sentient beings. The SOULar source this being is the ultimate light of the universe – both microcosmically and macrocosmically. The giver of all life, love, peace, death, rebirth, awakening and illumination. Every cell within our body holds a piece of this intangible, omnipresent, connective energy that is the very spark of life.

The Pre-Human Experience: The Process of Refraction

00diamondWhen we are Source light we are all knowing, all understanding and all compassionate. We move with the energy of oneness co-creating the universe with all aspects of the divine. As we move towards the commonly known ‘physical realm’ the undifferentiated Source energy becomes refracted into various aspects of the human experience including the individual and all of the lessons that they must learn in order to grow and expand Source and the universe. The learning ground that comes before the human experience is a gradual slowing of vibration in order to become transdimensional in nature. This shifting of consciousness isn’t so much a lowering of vibration it is actually slowing it which produces the more physical result. Because of this shift we often don’t remember or perhaps comprehend our original undifferentiated energy as we move from ethereal into the physical – the great university of life. Also, as we the source light, refract our perfect self differentiates into the individual experience where the lessons become separate from the person. This creates the various experiences for the unification of the souls’ holographic energy which through energetic processing expand the universe. In culmination with other refracted aspects of Source this melting pot of energy creates the most perfect synergy to ‘attract’ these lessons to the individual, hence the law of attraction here in the physical world.

The Human Experience: The Process of Learning and Energetic Unification

0000lightactivateOne of the most foundational purposes for human life is for the expansion of the omnipresent source, the universe and the human soul. Through our experiences as we learn the lessons set out by our soul energetic unification takes place. The once refracted energy forming both the individual and the lesson come together to form the ‘ah-ha’ moment. It is this very inspirational
experience that binds the wisdom gained through the experience at hand as well as the individual’s interpretation of the experience into the holographic energy environment within the human self. This unification of once refracted light/energy has the ability to move differentiated energy into a more uniform field creating an attraction for the next lesson. It also helps the individual to tap into the higher awareness of the interconnected world consciousness.

000lightfieldThe Human Experience: How LightBody Synergy Attracts Our Experiences Cognitively
Energy, experiences or ‘lessons’ that are of a certain likeness to the human self will become attracted to the individual whereas energy that is not of a likeness will be repelled by the core nature of the human self. What most people do not understand is that the laws of attraction and repulsion work on a myriad of different energetic ranges. For example simply liking something or wanting it doesn’t produce the required energetic response in all of the various refracted elements of differentiated human energy. One must feel with every fiber of their being that the experience they want is already apart of them only slightly distant or dissociated in the present moment. They must have a knowing that what they wish to acquire in terms of knowledge or experiences is something that is already apart of them. Once put into action this philosophy can help the individual to attain a light body synergy that helps them to conduct reality, drawing to them the experiences they need at the soul level. This is more about recognizing the Soul’s true desire and the attracting it. Because of the interconnected nature of the universe we, at the human level, cannot discern whether our soul’s desire comes as a result of our previous experiences or if it is predestined. The important factor here is the awareness of our Soul desires remembering that nothing is coincidental.

Lightbody Integration and The Synergetic Universe

00000lightintegrate As the individual grows and their experiences become more and more attracted to them their light body becomes more integrated creating a faster sensation of time. The lessons that they learn for their soul’s evolution creates the unified field bringing them back to undifferentiated light energy. This creates a transformation in vibration and the soul particle becomes universally unified back to Source. Their lessons and particular experiences are left behind in legacy for others to learn from creating the synergetic learning environment also known as the Great University of Life.

Brain Illumination

The MONKEY Mind VS. The Mind of LIGHT

As we collectively step beyond the threshold of the Divine Doorways of illumination. What we do now is all up to you, but the question remaining is;

Whom do you TRUST?  

Which MIND are you aligned with?

As the acceleration continues many souls have reached a point of how do I continue healing myself, family and others? How do we gain a higher resonances and change of perception as many have been brought to their knees – reaching that fine line between insanity and stillness?  How does one continue to easily and effortless transform the inner tsunami, struggling over the ruler ship of our MINDS?

Sai Baba – the Cosmic Christ Avatar once said: `the mind can create bondage or the mind can create liberation`   

00000liuminateThese last few months have tested every ones patience, strength, fortitude and authenticity a deep purging of the soul.  We have all experienced those moments lost in continuous thoughts drowning in a sea of despair and doubt, but have also risen in ecstasy with creative inspiration of new ideas birthed into reality.  So in honoring our mental monkey mind to becoming a Mind of Light receptive to Divine Intelligence and allowing the infinite possibilities, undiscovered horizons yet to explore we must delve into the FEAR MATRIX of the Collective Consciousness’s. A holographic space where all your fears, anxieties and stress lie.  By acknowledging them first then releasing these old, worn out repressed emotional webs created from our past, ancestors, patterns and structures that have left us paralyzed in contemplation for too long.

With the unfolding of our deepest pain, aspects of shadow and ego   many have  been frustrated with it not being fun anymore experiencing explosive anger suppressed for years, aeon’s actually in controlled fear based programing forcing us to go within our masculine selves this time to face the pain of the inflicted past .  This allowed many to bear witness to these unspoken shadows of grief, bitterness and remorse,   resulting in chronic headaches, sore/ dry throats, endless coughing, sleepless nights and frustration.  What may have been overlooking is that this was THAT perfect opportunity to release /tearing up the old contracts of the infectious deep seated wounds of self-abuse torturing our emotions by leaving us paralyzed in ICE-olation. By gathering courage to face these inner demons – which in fact are just an illusion – we recall that dynamic moment in time, that A-HA moment! When the full realization hits of how it all begins with the mind – what we think will be magnetize into our sphere – we need to become more cognitive of our thoughts and expressions – become more vigilant.  Recognizing when a time out is needed, energetically clear out our homes and sanctuaries,  a healing sessions, massage,  meditation,   an ascension walk in the woods,  reconnecting with our selves, a few days away with our partners, expressing ourselves creatively, taking a workshop, playing with our children and animals , letting freedom rein.  Our heart begins to beat entrained to the Earth’s and the cosmos, throbbing with joy as we build a fresh new foundation gaining strength and momentum, as each magical step unfolds before our very eyes. Understanding now that all is in divine order, that our journey deep into the Shadow is really wisdom transforming bring illumination to the past illusions of darkness to ignite the passion of heaven.

Over the past few weeks many have been experiencing  what we call `Ascension Symptoms` or  ‘ healing crisis’ of the energy flu, inflammation, dizziness, unexplained aches and pains, discharging old reactions  as the body  detoxes from the tension and stress held hostage for years.  Breathing again and learning how to simply experience and observe with childlike wonder – to just BE –   moving on without judgement, shame, fear, escapism, attachment, denial, and anger, continuing the pity game preferring to play victim or avoidance in repeating itself.  But a true passing of sorts, filling these old outworn patterns with LOVE to be passionately re-born as the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.   Allowing the accelerated energy to continue flushing our bodies and cellular memory at the sub atomic particle levels – spinning our DNA faster, releasing old stagnate energy.  Become more flexible, fluid, energized and vital – a year of TRANSCENDENCE. An initiatory gateway; a time of necessary upheavals that will reveal the gift of emergence – the Rainbow Warrior. As we continuously build our bodies of light, synthesizing the light in a dynamic balancing to birth the new human – Homo Luminescence’s, weaving the sparks of shimmering mists for our new webs of creation.  Recognizing and embracing new truths:  that we are the MASTERPIECES, the MUSES, the fully realized master self.  Igniting infinite possibilities within.

I AM the darkness that is the LIGHT and the STILLNESS that is the DANCING.  

-T.S Elliott

Why not instead, dare to be the WILD CARD!  Throw out those old scripts of drama, in fact tear it up and burn it!  Surrendering once and for all the pain of separation, mayhem, survival, poverty, the shame of being, and unworthiness with fears of being unlovable and lonely.  BE THE CHANGE!   Dare risking it all by writing a magnificent new script reading moment to moment,  truly embracing living  in the essence  of Divine F L O W enjoying the enchantment of the moment,  believing and using your own magic and powers of creation to create a harmonious and magical life.  Allowing the full realization of our true divinity to surface, conquering our self-imposed limitations to actualize our Diamond Alignment of Divine Bliss, living in orgasmic ecstasy fully awakened and alive…that’s right RAPTURE!

In the days leading up to this Hoodwinked event, I was amazed by the insanity of the repeated end of the world scenarios constantly being playing over and over again to instill fear of an impending disaster of catastrophic proportions –  creating a tear in the energy fields of our auras,  an almost Astral Invasion of the dark side of the lower ego leaving these scary images to replay in whose ever imagination allowed it to imprint –  purposefully shocking you to throw you out of sync within your center.  (Remember that at the root of this energy, it still is SOURCE).  When in fact it was a cosmic explosion of harmonic balancing of the divine ecstasy, joy and bliss.    The Alchemical Marriage of the Divine Pole shift of blending, merging and  integrating together in the  Sacred Sexual Cosmic Union  of our inner masculine and feminine selves awakening a higher resonance of our Divinity – providing brain illumination, activating our pituitary glands to uncover the ancient wisdom’s of ETERNAL LIFE, illuminating the Universal Designed Truths no longer held in secrecy.   Assisting humanity with elevating the soul as Ascension is actually the Dissension of Spirit into Matter awakening personal power through awareness while embracing the shadow wounds of the past making the new harmonic octaves of Heaven on Earth fully realized.    Allowing creation to attract our other half – the psychical aspects of the Twin Flame, the God/Goddess within to experience the RAPTURE in the ONEness Union of the Great Cosmic Orgasm of the Ecstasy Blueprint Codes giving birth to the Divine Child – or otherwise known as The Holy Trinity. Notice that the numerology of the day of RAPTURE was also in fact a 3 – Trinity!  Once again leaving us to marvel with fascination at the ancient laws of the Hermetic Principle of:  so above, so below, so within so without.

Frances Hart

This form of Sacred Union is still known from the ancient circles of the High Priest/Priestess Orders, in fact anyone honoring the Goddess is fully aware of this phenomena today, as the Arc of Light is ignited, strengthening ones KA body, experiencing radiant health, energy and a luminescence aura with a golden halo.   Uncovering why one of the greatest stories ever shrouded in secrecy about Jesus  and ” the Holy Grail” ,  his marriage and love for Mary Magdalena – who was also a very high initiate known as a Sex Priestess in the  High Order of the Isis in Egypt, a very revered position but branded a prostitute by society – was  hidden in plain sight. The comical part being that in some parts of the world, Rapture is also  known as Little Death giving us greater awareness to just why fear was so instilled in the collective consciousness – to keep you from the realization of your true Divinity & Power – your Sacred Cosmic Key in communion with the Universe – The Divine Mind.     By practicing even for a few minutes a day to quiet, silence the mind and to just BE an inner strength unfolds trusting that all will be revealed  at the exact moment. Through the rising of the inner sun, the eternal now is born where the dreamer now longer just dreams, but is fully awakened.

Those who look outward – Dream, Those who look inward – AWAKEN

- Carl Jung